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How to Enter

Entry Checklist

Step 1: Complete your entry online through to payment - Please see below the entry fees and payment methods. Note: Before filling in the entry form, you will be requested to register for an account.
(How to use our online entry platform)

Step 2: Prepare your samples for shipping to the final destination in Hong Kong, referring to shipping details including:

    • Deadlines
    • Payment of duty requirements (payable only on liquor withalcoholic strength of over 30% alcohol, and payable by the Sender before the shipment arrives in Hong Kong).
    • Number of sample bottles required 
    • Box labeling instructions 


Enter Now

Entry Fees

Entry Fee (price per entry) for Wine / Spirits:HKD 1800 / USD 230 / 174 GBP / 203 Euro
Entry Fee (price per entry) for Beer:HKD 600 / USD 77 / 58 GBP / 68 Euro
Additional Entry Fee for Food & Wine Pairing Per Dish:HKD 600 / USD 77 / 58 GBP / 68 Euro



Payment Methods

Credit CardMastercard / Visa

Bank Transfer in USD or HKD currencies


  1. Payment will cover the Entry Fee plus a fee for administrative and bank charges (HKD 380 / USD 49) for the transaction.
  2. Please quote the bank account number, sort code, IBAN number and SWIFT BIC code when transferring funds to HKIWSC electronically. View Details


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