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[2019] Kent Tsang

Speciality Wine
CompanyBlack Wine Guide

Guangzhou native Kent Tsang is a Journalist, Wine Judge, Author, and Marketer. She was formerly the Chinese Edition Manager of Le Pan magazine and the Deputy Manager and Managing Editor of WINE Magazine. Kent is also the first Chinese national to serve as an International Judge at both the Royal Hobart Wine Show and Margaret River Wine Show in Australia.

[2019] Kent Tsang

"I hope to contribute my objective opinions, insights on the Greater China market, and international judging experiences."

"My favourite parts of judging at the HKIWSC are the panel discussions between each flight. The conversations present panel judges with various points of view on the wines being judged that weigh the merits of each perspective offered."

"A win from the HKIWSC assures a quality product and the medal stickers and tags are easily recognisable to the consumers. The medals are a good benchmark not only for consumers, but also for producers, importers or the retail trade. A valuable marker for creating favorable product quality perception leading to higher preference and/or to the willingness to pay higher prices in the Asian market."