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How to Enter

Entry Checklist

Step 1: Complete your entry online through to payment - Please see below the entry fees and payment methods. Note: Before filling in the entry form, you will be requested to register for an account.
(How to use our online entry platform)

Step 2: Prepare your samples for shipping to the final destination in Hong Kong.


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Entry Fees

Entry Fee (price per entry) for Wine / Spirits:HKD 1900 / USD 245
Entry Fee (price per entry) for Beer:HKD 650 / USD 84
Additional Entry Fee for Food & Wine Pairing Per Dish:HKD 650 / USD 84

Payment Method

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Bank Transfer.

HK$380 administration fee will be imposed for bank transfer.

* Please choose "Request Invoice" for all payment options. Bank details will be provided alongside the email confirmation.

Group Shipping

Group shpping is available for Australia and New Zealand:

Group Shipping Options

Shipping Samples

Number of bottles required per entry

Wine & Sake

3 Bottles (750ml) 
(approx. 2.25L equivalent)


2 Bottles (700ml)
(approx. 1.4L equivalent)


4 Bottles (330ml) 
(approx. 1.3L equivalent) 

or 3 Bottles (500ml or above)

Food Pairing

1 additional bottle per product per pairing

  • Packaging: We accept other packaging such as bag in box, alumninum can, plastic, etc. All packaging will be hidden from judge during tasting. 
  • Volume: If your products are packaged in non-standard containers, please adjust delivery quantities to match with indicated volume. 
  • Minimum bottles: a minimum of two bottles are required for all categories. 

[SPIRITS] Payment of Duty

(only applicable to liquor with alcoholic strength of over 30% alcohol)

  • Duty is to the charge of the Sender
  • You are recommended to send maximum 2 bottles (500-700ml) per shipment by DHL (or other reputable courier that can manage custom clearance). If you are entering multiple items, split them into several shipments to minimise potential delays by customs
  • Payment of Duty is arranged between Sender and Shipper before the shipment arrives Hong Kong. There will be a window of maximum 3 calendar days to clear customs on arrival. Please ensure Duty has been settled and documentation is ready to facilitate release and to avoid a situation of 'return to Sender'.
  • You MUST contact receiver prior to sending, contact mentioned below.
  • Photos of bottle label and/or Age Certificate (for whiskies and brandy) MUST be sent to receiver prior to sending. 

Delivery Instruction

1/ Prepare Shipping Documents

  1. Commercial Invoice (Please state "Samples Only. Not for commercial use". Skip this step if samples are delivered from Hong Kong)
  2. Packing List (skip this step if samples are delivered from Hong Kong), including below 
    1. Contact person
    2. Company name
    3. Quantity of Bottles
    4. Litre per Bottle
    5. Alcoholic Strength %
    6. Full Description of Liquor (Brand name, Other information description, Vintage Year)
    7. Ex-factor/Ex-warehouse Price applicable to potential buyers in the open market (Unit Value in USD).
  3. Put Box Cover onto all boxes


2/ Notify Receiver by Email PRIOR to Sending

  1. Send by email to receiver: HK IWSC Order ID (refer to confirmation email upon your registration or login to your account), airway tracking number; for spirits, send also photo of label and age certificate (whisky / brandy). 
  2. Contact details below: David Li -

3/ Send samples

Meiburg Wine Media - HK IWSC
9/F., Aberdeen Industrial Building
236 Aberdeen Main Road
Aberdeen, HONG KONG
Contact: David Li
Tel: +852 2515 0178

*Notify shipper office hours: 10:00 - 12:00, 14:00 - 17:30 (Mon-Fri). Deliveries may be returned to the sender if received outside of office hours. 



Commercial Invoice & Packing List (Excel)

Box Covers (Word | PDF)

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