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Creative Vision in the Hong Kong F&B Industry: HK IWSC Judge Wallace Lo Shares His View

Known as one of the world's food capitals, Hong Kong offers an abundance of local and international cuisine. The F&B scene is ever-evolving, and the city takes great pride in it. Let's hear from Wallace Lo, the sommelier and manager at Mato, about his view on the creative vision in the Hong Kong F&B industry. 

Q: In the past 2-3 years, restaurants have been very creative in adapting their businesses. What have you seen or has been done in the outlets that have really wow’ed you?
A: Restaurants have been changing quite a bit in the last few years. Actually more than a few years. The concept of a set menu or so-called omakase restaurant is more in the market. So my job as a sommelier becomes very different nowadays. People are keener on wine pairing in this kind of venue rather than opening a bottle of wine to enjoy for their dinner. So it is quite important to keep up with innovations and express different ways of wine pairing in different interpretations and may even go outside wine, other beverages would be involved as well.

Q: What do you love about the HK F&B scene?

A: I love the F&B scene in Hong Kong a lot. It is very rare that you have such a small city with such a tiny space of land but have so many top chefs and sommeliers and wine distributors that are working side by side with one another. We have a lot of top people in the industry based in Hong Kong. Of course with Covid-19 situation in the last few years, it's not really ideal. But with the strength of talented people in Hong Kong I am sure we can make the wine world great again. 

After so many years in the industry, I see more and more adventurous products introduced into the city. I am very glad to see more younger wine drinkers in the market welcoming these new categories or new products they have never seen.

Creative Vision in the Hong Kong F&B Industry: HK IWSC Judge Wallace Lo Shares His View

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