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Philip Wong

Speciality Wine
FromHong Kong
CompanyWine Matters
PositionWine Consultant

Philip is an accountant turned wine specialist. The attributes of an accountant reinforce him to look for evidence in each wine he tasted that expresses its origin and reflects the underlying culture, climate, soil, winemaking practice and beyond.

His passion lies in wines from all around the world. Having attained DipWSET, Philip was also awarded the Wine Australia Prize for the Asia-Pacific region. As an MWM Wine School Educator, he has been organising tasting workshops with a focus on Australian wines and a speaker at numerous local and international wine fairs and events. He has his own wine blog and contributes articles to newspapers and wine magazines regularly. He is also as a wine and management consultant to various restaurants in Hong Kong.

Philip Wong

"Born and grown up in Hong Kong, I am trained to be picky in tasting food and wine. I hope I can contribute my views when picking the award winning items which I really think they deserve it."

"Food and wine pairing session is surely the fun part; of course, I am interested in taking part in other sessions, e.g. red, white or rosé wines, especially Australia (where I have done an intensive wine trip) and Italy (for I have done IWS)."