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Kit Cheung

Speciality Spirits
FromHong Kong
CompanySober or Blotto (Perfume Trees Gin)
PositionGin Maker

Kit Cheung has been engaged in the F&B industry in Europe for many years, yet Hong Kong is still deeply rooted in his heart. Born and raised in Hong Kong, its culture has had a strong influence on his cocktail creations. By exploring and expanding the use of local ingredients, he has created cocktails that exude the true essence of Hong Kong. He has attracted Hong Kong people’s attention to the development and preservation of local wine industry, farming and craftsmanship.

In 2014, when he was appointed to be the consultant of Sohofama, he successfully combined the liquor from local Yuet Wo Distillery and a variety of local organic ingredients such as perilla leaves, local, and roselle for a series of cocktail that can enhance drinkers’ immunity.

Apart from designing cocktails, he also collaborated with SOIL, Hong Kong craftmen, design a series of hand-crafted wine vessels and cups. In 2017, Kit and his partner Joseph Cheung started up their new company for inventing the GIN of Hong Kong.

Kit Cheung

"As a Gin maker , I would share what I have learnt and some experience of making spirit to the HK IWSC Judging Panel. How to develop a product with local identity. The value of knowing why we do what we do, and truly understand essence of bartending."

"Having had many previous judging experiences, it is an honor to meet other experts and sharing our ideas; different ways to taste and explore new products and their stories."