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[2022] Bernice Liu

Speciality Wine
FromHong Kong
CompanyBellavizio Wines/
PositionArtiste/ Celebrity Winemaker

Bernice Liu is an International tv/movie actor who has been producing wines as a hobbyist winemaker for over 10 years. Through her award-winning wines, Bellavizio, Bernice is known as a “traveling winemaker”, and not only produces her own wine but also consults for various restaurant groups and private label projects. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she launched, a platform made by local merchants to not only aid those that have been affected by covid, but also positively extend the love and knowledge of wines to everyone. Bernice Liu has been on many judging panels for various food and wine competitions.

[2022] Bernice  Liu

"I hope to bring diversity to the judging panel as I’m quite active in the F&B in Hong Kong. Being an owner of a bar in LKF and a central kitchen in Aberdeen, I cater to various age groups and audiences, which allows me to stay up to date on what is current and trending.

I hope to gain a rich learning experience and see another aspect of wine judging with a different group and organization. I look forward to meeting new wine lovers and friends, as well as exploring and discovering new wines!"

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