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The Cathay Pacific HKIWSC reserves the right to cancel or create trophies in line with the level of quality of the years entries.


Grape Variety

Best Chardonnay
Best Semillon
Best Riesling
Best Sauvignon Blanc
Best Shiraz/Syrah
Best Merlot /Merlot Blends
Best Cabernet/Cabernet Blends

Best Indigenous Grape Varieties


Tempranillo/Tinta Barroca/ Viura/
Albariño/Alvarinho /Tina Cão/ Ferñao Pires/ Sangiovese/Primitivo/Nebbiolo/
Grüner Veltiner/

European Regional Wines

Best Regional French Wine Trophy
Best Regional Spanish Wine Trophy
Best Regional Italian Wine Trophy
Best Regional German Wine Trophy
Best Regional Portuguese Wine Trophy
Best Regional Eastern European Wine Trophy

New World Wines

Best New World Chardonnay
Best New World Riesling
Best New World Pinot Noir
Best New World Syrah/Shiraz
Best Australian Wine
Best New Zealand Wine
Best Argentinian Wine
Best Chilean Wine
Best South African Wine
Best Australian Wine

Best Style Classes

Best Sparkling Wine
Best Dessert Wine
Best Fortified Wine (Worldwide)

Best Of Asia

Best Wine from Japan
Best Wine from China
Best Sparkling Wine (below HKD 400 / USD 51)
Best White Wine in Hong Kong (below HKD 150 / USD 19)
Best Red Wine in Hong Kong (below HKD 200 / USD 26)

Best Wine with Asian Dishes

Chinese DishesChinese Dishes
Jiaozi (Pork Dumplings)
Braised Pig's Knuckle with Dried Oysters and Sea Moss
Crispy Chicken
Golden Prawns in Salted Egg Yolk
Japanese DishesJapanese Dishes
Japanese Sea-Salt Grilled Red Snapper
Otoro Sushi
Vegetable Tempura
Indian DishesIndian Dishes
Prawn Vindaloo
my.jpgMalaysian Dishes
Lo-Hei Yu Sheng (Raw Fish Salad)
Thai Dishes Thai Dishes
Crispy Thai Fried Fish
Ko Mu Yang (Grilled Pork Neck with Spicy Tamarind Sauce)
vn.jpgVietnamese Dishes
Cua Lot Cuon (Soft Shell Crab Rice Rolls)


Best Blended Scotch Whisky
Best Cognac
Best Gin
Best Grape Brandy
Best Rum
Best Liqueur
Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky 15 years & under
Best Single Malt Scotch Whisky Over 15 Years
Best Mezcal

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