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Shipping Details

Key Dates

 Wine / Sake / BeerSpirits
Entry Deadline22 July 201922 July 2019
Sample Admission Period at Hong Kong31 July 201931 July 2019
Group Shipping Delivery DeadlinesTo be confirmedNot available


Number of bottles required per entry

6 Bottles (330ml)
(approx. 2L equivalent)

For each Beer entry 

3 Bottles (750ml) 
(approx. 2.25L equivalent)

For each Wine / Sake entry 

2 Bottles (700ml)
(approx. 1.4L equivalent)

For each Spirit entry 
  • Packaging: We accept other packaging such as bag in box, alumninum can, plastic, etc. All packaging will be hidden from judge during tasting. 
  • Volume: If your products are packaged in non-standard containers, please adjust delivery quantities to match with indicated volume 
  • Minimum bottles: a minimum of two bottles are required for all categories 


Payment of Duty (only applicable to liquor with alcoholic strength of over 30% alcohol)

  • Duty is to the charge of the Sender
  • Payment of Duty is arranged between Sender and Shipper before the shipment arrives Hong Kong. There will be a window of maximum 3 calendar days to clear customs on arrival. Please ensure Duty has been settled and documentation is ready to facilitate release and to avoid a situation of 'return to Sender'.


Shipping Arrangements will announce on 31st March


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