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Entry & Shipping FAQ


  • Overview of judging process and entry categories
  • Explanation of points system, medal and trophy guidelines
  • Entry, payment and shipping FAQs

1. How does the HKIWSC judging work?

  • Judging integrity is at the heart of the competition. Only HKIWSC employees are permitted in the preparation area
  • The wines are presented to the judges in a tasting glass with a tasting sheet indicating the tasting category (wine style, grape variety, region/appellation and vintage). At no time does a judge see the bottle.
  • Samples are assessed without comment. Marks are recorded and collected by the panel chairs who may then open discussions in respect to the judges’ comments/scores
  • Products with the highest marks go forward for re-tasting by judges for the Trophy medal in their respective categories

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2. What are the “style categories” that the products are judged by?

  • The style categories are the actual “tasting categories” that are presented to the judges. These can change depending on the variety of entries
  • The style categories for Wine include the following: wine style, grape variety, region/appellation/vintage/age
  • The style categories for Spirits are type, age and strength. Whiskies are also judged by variety / style judged by region, style and cask finish / strength <Click here to read more about HKIWSC works>

Click here to read more about HKIWSC works

3. How does the award system work?

Scores are given out of a total possible score of 100 and are calculated and audited within the framework of a strict marking system.

2017-Trophy.pngThe Top Scorers are re-tasted to determine 'Best in class' Quality of the highest order

Score of 90+
Outstanding example; the benchmark

2017-Silver.pngScore of 80+
Fine example, excellent quality
2017-Bronze.pngScore of 75+
Good example, well above average

4. What types of trophies are awarded?

  • The trophies represent the “best in class” in a given category
  • There are over 40 different wine trophies awarded each year and they recognise excellence in: grape variety, style, country/region, price point, and food & wine matching
  • Spirits trophies recognise the best spirits including Cognac, Gin, Grape Brandy, Grappa, Liqueurs, Rum, Sake, Shochu, Vodka, and Whisky.

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5. Who are the competition judges?

  • The competition is judged by some of the most well-known and respected names in Asia, including Asian Masters of Wine, sommeliers, wine and spirit trade professionals, media, knowledge and opinion leaders, educators and influencers
  • Apart from the International VIP Wine and Spirit judges, the judging panel come from across Asia in keeping with the competition’s theme – “Asia's Choice, Asia's Voice”

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6. How do I stand to benefit if my product is awarded a medal?

Click here for details on the benefits to HKIWSC winners


1. How can I enter the competition and what is the deadline for my entry/ies?

  • Please register for an account and submit your entry/ies through the HKIWSC website, by clicking ‘Enter Now’ on the home page Click here for 'Entre Now'
  • If you have 50 or more entries to submit, please email us at to request an entry form
  • The entry deadlines are: 21 August for Spirits and 28 August for Wine

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2. What happens if I miss the entry deadline for the competition?

  • Please contact our team on T +852 6492 7214 or E

3. What is the fee for entering the competition?

  • Standard Entry Fee: HKD 1750 / USD 225
  • Food & Wine Pairing (per dish) - HKD 550 / USD 70
  • For exhibitors at the HKTDC International Wine & Spirit Fair in November: HKD 1100 / USD 140

Customs Duty: Entrants are responsible for full payment of customs duty on products with an alcohol content of 30% and over.

4. How many samples for each entry do I need to send?

Wine entries: 3 bottles per entry

Spirit entries: 2 bottles per entry

Food & Wine Pairing entries: Please send an additional;

  • 1 bottle for pairing with up to 2 dishes
  • 2 bottles for pairing with 3 to 5 dishes
  • 3 bottles for pairing with 6 to 12 dishes

5. Why do we need to send 3 bottles for wine entries and 2 bottles for spirit entries?

  • Wine: The first bottle is for the initial round of judging. The second bottle is for a second round of judging if the product goes forward to a trophy. The third bottle is a contingency in case a bottle is faulty or damaged in transit.
  • Spirit: The first bottle is for the initial round of judging and second round if the product goes forward for a trophy. The second bottle is a contingency in case a bottle is damaged in transit.

Note: All unused bottles are used at tastings at fairs and consumer, trade and media events all year round for added exposure for entrants.

6. Do I need to pay customs duty on my wine/spirit samples?

Entrants are responsible for paying customs duty on their entries. Please see below for details on dutiable liquor:

 Duty Payable by Entrant (at % of Product Value)
Liquor with an alcoholic strength of more than 30% by volume, at a temperature of 20 degrees celsius100%
Liquor, other than wine, with an alcoholic strength of less than 30% by volume, at a temperature of 20 degrees celsius0%

For details on the calculation of duty tax payable please go to

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7. What method of payment can I use to enter the competition?

  • By Credit Card online once you have completed your entry• By Bank Transfer: You will be able to request an invoice online to pay by bank transfer. Please note an administrative fee of HKD 100 / USD 15 will be applied (as well as any
  • By Bank Transfer: You will be able to request an invoice online to pay by bank transfer. Please note an administrative fee of HKD 380 / USD 49 will be applied to cover admin and bank charges.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact us at

8. Where do I get details on shipping my samples to Hong Kong? 

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